New Girl Twitter Roleplay

Hey! Fancy getting a little quirky and letting your inner Jess shine? Or perhaps you love sweaters, chutney or the ladies and Schmidt is more your kind of guy? Whoever suits you best, we have many available characters for an awesome New Girl roleplay! it will take place on twitter and we're looking for active rp'ers! So, if you're up for some fun with the guys and gals of this show then go ahead and submit an application!

Cece Meyers Application Accepted!


Name: Veronica
Age: 19
Time Zone: GMT
Activity (1~10 -10 being most active): Usually between 8 or 9.


Character Name: Cecilia Meyers or Cece
Ships: Cece/Schmidt or any other
Anti-Ships: None, really.
Secrets/ Future Plot Ideas: I think I may own up to telling everyone about Schmidt and I… (Yeah, right. ;) )

(No para necessary) Describe yourself: I’m a model. Jess is my best friend. I tell it like it is. Deal with it.

Great Application! Just make the account, Veronica :) and follow @NewGirlRP